Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Sale

Last Saturday we boxed up a load of our old stuff - things like wooden boxes, brass nick-knacks, my home-made clocks, kitchenware, etc and went over to Creeting House in the next village.

Our expectations were not high as this was our first attempt to sell anything from a stall and when we got there, our expectations dropped a bit as we learnt that, last year, they had only attracted some 150 people. We set up our stall and our expectations reduced even further as the weather got worse. Cold fingers and toes will put off even the most committed customers.

Looking on the bright side, Diana (our host) was very nice indeed, as were the other stall holders (all 4 of them!). Anyway, the punters started dribbling in from 11.00 am and the trickle continued for another 4 hours or so - it felt like longer. We packed up at 3.00 pm having sold one item.

When we got home, we reviewed the day and concluded the event was not really suited to our stock. We really need to go to an antique fair or similar so we put this retail opportunity down to experience.

Next week, we are putting our stall outside our house as there is a Christmas street market in the town. This will have more people looking for a more diverse range of goods - fingers crossed.

A photo of our stall coming up. How could anyone resist? BFN

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