Friday, 7 December 2012


Wednesday night was predicted to be a cold one. They estimated minus 5 in the countryside, maybe a couple of degrees warmer in the towns, so I headed into Ely for another night on the water.

The Ouse was a bit choppy in places and the cold north wind was uncomfortable but there was hardly a cloud in the sky. That big building on the horizon (just left of centre) is Ely Cathedral.

I found a nice quiet spot next to the Maltings and tied up for the night.

Following my last outing, I had been told by Mick that the Webasto boiler probably needed to be switched on and off a couple of times to get it to fire up. I did this the next morning from the comfort of my warm bed and it didn't work so I got up and stoked the coal fire. I was glad this had stayed alight all night.

On the way back to Lazy Otter, I paid a visit to the water and pump out point (what fun!) and, later, I stopped at Little Thetford for a coffee and to warm up my feet. 

While there, I tried the Webasto again, and, guess what, it worked. Perhaps it only works when the engine is hot! I'll give it another chance on my next outing but if it fails to do as it's told, I'll set Mick on it.

Passing Stretham Engine House, the two resident Kingfishers darted past, about a foot above the water, like a pair of small jet planes.

Everywhere was very quiet on the river. No other boats moving about. Ice clinging to the river edges. Birds going about their business. I suppose it's not everyones' cup of tea but I like it. 


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