Monday, 24 December 2012

Water, water everywhere...

The Old West River was down by about 2" today which meant I could walk on the pontoon without getting my boots wet but getting to the pontoon involved a walk in about 12" of water. At least I could get to the boat without the water coming over my wellies.

I remembered my camera today so here's a few snaps...

This was the River Cam, by the Newmarket Road bridge, just upstream of Popes Corner. The river was still visible, but only just.

Heading down to Stretham, this was from the next road bridge. Again, not too much to worry about.
Lazy Otter, on the other hand, had more water than it really needed...
And I found Skylark was still resting too close to the hard stuff...
Apart from adjusting the ropes, to cope with whatever the weather decided to throw at it, I took the opportunity to take bow fender off. The plan is to attached a carefully shaped piece of car tyre to help protect it. So, off it came, about 2 dozen spiders were encouraged to swim to the bank and I bundled the fender and one of those tyres into the Landy (that will be something to do over Christmas). The other thought I had was that this will make it easier for Skylark to slide down the edge of the jetty as the water recedes. I'll see if this part of the plan works when the water goes down.
I was very pleased to meet Malcolm and his wife of nb Queenie today who had read my last post. Apparently the EA website had not made the situation on the water levels very clear so my jottings helped. It was great to meet fellow boaters.
I'll take another look after Christmas and post another on site report asap.
I hope you have a great Christmas! 

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