Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Ouse is retreating!

I've just returned from Lazy Otter and was pleased to find Skylark swimming clear of the jetty. A neighbour said the water had got even higher last night but this morning, the levels have been going down.

When I left, it had almost reached the top of the wooden jetty, leaving the pontoon well clear. Even most of the grass was above the water.

I took the fender with me but decided not to fit it back on until Skylark has completely gone back to her normal resting place. Thid will avoid the risk of getting hung up on the woodwork.

NB Queenie was also clear...we'll have to hope the levels continue to drop.

While the weatherbods said the humidity was something iro 80%, and rain was heading our way by mid afternoon, the temperature in Skylark was teetering at a sultry 8 degrees and there was not even any sign of condensation in the portholes. However, my feet were starting to get cold so I up sticks and left.

I will keep an eye on things over the next couple of days and report back.


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