Monday, 31 December 2012

The Ouse back to normal

While it was still a bit wet and windy today, at least the water level in the river is back to normal and all's well with Skylark and her neighbours. The grassy bank in the marina is quite muddy and there a few bits of flotsom lying about but those are about the only signs left by the receding waters.

I spent a quiet morning tending to the ropes and fenders. I also refitted the bow fender with it's new tyre protector.

This photo shows the water level back to where it should be. Fingers crossed, it will now stay there and we can carry on cruising.

In prepartion for the new season, I cleaned the fridge. It hasn't been used much over the last few months; it's just come on when I've turned the main electrics on and gone off again when I've left. Because of this, it has alternated between being a refridgerator and an incubator. A few splodges of black stuff were duely washed away and the fridge returned to its pristene condition, ready for next year (which, of course, starts tomorrow).

While visiting my two sons and their 'better halfs' at the weekend, I bought a couple of brass bits in Lechlade - a longish towel/curtain rail and a shortish curved coat/kitchen rail.

I don't really know what they were designed for but I'm sure they will have a use in the boat and will look good too. I just need to decide where to put them.

Anyway, to end 2012, I would just like to say, I hope the last year was good for you and that 2013 will bring you whatever you are looking for. To be realistic, I know many people are having difficult times with their work and/or health so I just wish you good luck for 2013.

Our good luck wishes also go to our friend Bob who was carted off to hospital last week. Keep smiling Bob, and everyone will wonder what you've been up to!


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