Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Solo to St Ives

With a few more nice days on the horizon, I'm off to St Ives. Lady Saga is staying at home to look after the cat and get in some more hours at work. Well, someone has to pay for all my trips!

Now for 'Mr Grumpy', I contacted the Environment Agency a couple of days ago about the large amount of rubbish in the Ouse. Lots of it is natural stuff brought down by the recent floods but there is also a lot of man-made rubbish like old tv cabinets, tyres, plastic bottles, broken fencing rails, old boating bits, etc etc.

Steve Green rang me yesterday to say they routinely survey and collect this sort of thing but he has asked his river team to look at it specifically. Good man!

I'm now Mr Happy!! Bon Jovi.

So I'm now off to the boat and will soon be chugging up the Ouse to St Ives - in the sun. My next post will have to wait 'til I get back.


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