Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A sad day

Today, the country is mourning the loss of 6 British soldiers in Afghanistan - the highest single loss in 5 years. A very sad day indeed. And only two weeks before my youngest son Ben goes back there for another tour of six months. A moment for private thoughts...

While I was listening to the news and various interviews on the radio, I was busy brushing more undercoat in the boat. Mick was working on the kitchen cabinet. Earlier this morning, while preparing Kay's first cup of tea, I realised that the cabinet didn't have a drawer for cutlery, etc. I mentioned this to Mick and he casually said he would fit a drawer inside one of the cupboards. This meant the overall symetrical design would be kept and the need for somewhere to keep the cutlery would be satisfied. Mick then went to work sorting it out. The following photos illustrate the result so far. What a star!

This will not only be a very functional piece of fixed furniture (one of the only pieces in the boat) but it will also look fantastic - I keep in mind our aims to keep it simple, going for quality and making it look traitional.

The back of the cabinet shows how 'bomb proof' it is.

When I got home, Kay and I looked through the various paint catalogues I had picked up from B&Q. We plumped for a couple greens; a light green for the wall panels and a darker green for the frames. The plan is to purchase a litre of each tomorrow and we will both go up to the boat on Friday to test them on a single panel.

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