Tuesday, 20 March 2012

More help on board

After a brief visit to B&Q to pick up some more paint, Kay and I went to the boat. I'm not going to write much in this post as I think the photos speak for themselves...


The kitchen cabinets, sink, cooker, and fridge are fitted. The pipes are boxed in and front door and its adjoining panels are complete. My trusty assistant is togged up for another day of painting. Nice boiler suit!


Technical stuff: shower pump, water pumps, pipes, etc.

Fantastic weather for March! While Kay and I were inside painting the primer, undercoat and silk emulsion, Mick was outside applying the first coats of external paint.

The artist at work...he looks very Parisian in that tee shirt.

Ten 'man hours' today and less than a month to go to launch day. Another day of painting is planned for for us all tomorrow.

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