Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A fleeting visit

Today, I went back to Lincoln to pick up Jess for her Easter hols. On the way back we took a slight detour to visit the boat.

The good news is that Mick is continuing to make progress inside with the shower room, the hatches, the mushroom vents, filling gaps in the bulkheads, etc but the bad news is that the exterior paint has not taken at all. After various attempts using a electric spray, manual roller and old fashioned brush (and various combinations of these), the resulting finish turned out matt rather than the expected high gloss.

The supplier of the paint blames the hot weather but Mick is not convinced. So, the surface has been sanded down and another brand of paint is to be tried. If it works, I'll tell you what the brand is. If it doesn't we may just brush over it again! 

To be positive about this, at least the boat will have had about 4 or 5 coats by the time its finished which should give it a good life span.

We looked at some of the colour options for the scotia that will follow the frames around the wall panels. We discounted a darker green because 3 greens will be a bit over-powering. Red and orange looked too bright in our subdued colour scheme and white looked too wishy-washy. Then, brainwave - why not  use the buttermilk? I trotted off the the workshop and quickly painted a length of scotia and offered it up to the wall and Bingo - it was perfect. It obviously complements the 2 greens because it has already been used on the walls and ceiling but it adds a subtle thread of colour throughout the boat, tying the whole thing together. Further more traditional colours, such as red, yellow and blue will be introduced with cushions, carpets, plates, cups, etc.

So, tomorrow, Kay and I will return to continue the painting. I will initially paint the scotias, while Kay continues the walls. I will then complete the kitchen cabinets while Kay completes the bathroom.

Jess takes a leading 'hands on' role in the choice of colours for the scotia.

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