Friday, 9 March 2012

The Apprentice

I had an assistant in the boat today. Kay joined me for a bit of painting. We stopped off at B&Q to buy a couple of pots of paint to test on the walls and we started as soon as we got to the boat. Almost iimmediately we decided the two tone green approach complemented the buttermilk just right - so went on to paint as much as we could in the time. At the end of another 5 hours painting, Skylark was looking fantastic. Many thanks go to Kay for all her hard work - she's hired!

Mick was still working on the kitchen, making finishing touches to the sink cabinet and worktop. No photos today but I can report that this part of the build is looking very good indeed. I'll take some more snaps when I get back from Scotand.

I leave on Sunday for my bike trip. I went over to Woodbridge yesterday, a round trip of about 38 miles, made much harder by the head wind on the return journey. Under those circumstances, even cycling down hill can be hard work!

My bike is ready to go, complete with packed panniers bags and my first night is booked in Edinburgh. I thought it would be good to book into a camp site on the first night as I get in to the city at 4.20pm. With only about 2 hours light left, I felt a short trip to the outskirts and the relative comfort of a camp site would be the best approach. From then on, the real hard work will start and places for over-night stops will be decided as I go along.

I won't be blogging until I get back but there will be lots to report on, so, bfn.

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