Saturday, 26 January 2013

The last frost?

When I got to Skylark on Thursday, the ground still had a covering of snow and the edge of the water was frozen.With outside temperatures dropping to minus 8 or so, inside, I was cosy in front of the fire, managing temperatures between plus 10 and plus 18 degrees.

None of the pipes were frozen and it didn't take too long to get snug.

Each of the two days, I spent a few hours walking the nearby footpaths and then popping into the Ely for my daily bread (and wine!). 

Yesterday afternoon, I drove into Cambridge, which lies about 8 miles to the south. Being Friday afternoon in mid winter, traffic was light but I really must give myself more time. There are some fantastic museums to visit like the Fitzwilliam and the Scott Polar Expedition - these need a good few hours each. My future plan will be to get there by mid morning (avoiding the am rush hour) and to leave by mid afternoon (avoiding the pm rush hour). 

Today turned out fairly bright and much warmer which meant I could leave Skylark to her own devices and head home. The weather bods predict the next week will be warm and wet - not great boating weather but at least the driving snow and freezing cold wind seem to have retreated back up the Urals where they belong. Apparently, we've now got to brace ourselves for the great flood that will follow. What fun.

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