Sunday, 6 January 2013

Carry on cruising

Another clear day yesterday so I took Skylark for a short outing. The water level in the Ouse was still fine, the speed of the current was slower and the wind speed low enough to enable me to launch and moor without any problems.

I got into Ely quite late in the afternoon, so found a quiet spot between the Cutter and the Jubilee Gardens and settled down for the night. Before my evening slap-up meal (ha ha), I fitted the new brass rail just under the porthole in the main cabin. The curved rail I mentioned in a previous post is now with a local blacksmith straightening the two brackets so it will fit to the wall without a wobble. I'll post some photos when I fit that one.

I also refitted the umbrella brackets. The big brass fitting has been relocated to the bow deck so we can sit there in the shade (or out of the rain) in the summer. I then put a small bracket to the left of the steering postion to protect me from the rain - a small job but one which I will benefit from when I have to steer Skylkark through any number of rain storms in future.

This morning, a mist had desended on the river so I went home. Not many people about and not many birds to be seen; I couldn't blame them, it was just a bit on the damp side. Next weekend, CAMRA has a beer festival in the Maltings. If the weather is fine, I might pop my head in to see what's going on.

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