Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Boat sitting

I haven't winterised Skylark because I have been using her over the winter and will continue to use her from now on. While this has not caused me any problems, the very cold weather at the moment is a bit of a worry. While I have insulated all the accessible water pipes, there is still a risk that some of them will freeze. If this happened, the resultant water would eventually find its way into the bilges and would be pumped to the outside world but the damage it would cause to the flooring and maybe the walls would be pretty bad. Because of this, I have spent a few days on board, keeping things warm.

Last night, it was minus 8 degrees outside but inside I was tucked up in a tropical plus 16. By the time I left this morning, the outside temperature was measuring minus 4 and inside it was plus 8. I'll be keeping a close watch on the forecast tonight to help decide if I should go back there tomorrow.

Anyway, while I was at Lazy Otter, I made good use of my time, repairing and maintaining a few bits and pieces. I also took a stroll down the river to the Newmarket road bridge via the Stretham Old Engine. The following shots don't do the place justice - in the words of that great Hollywood star, Annie, 'the sun will come out tomorrow'. I hope!

While this small herd of cattle appeared unphased by my passing, the local farmer has had to warn dog owners not to allow their dogs to worry his sheep.

I think the missing bit reads,  '...will be humanely but brutally shot.'

Now for an arty photo...

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