Monday, 28 January 2013

A quick flood report

Arrived at 8.00 am this morning to find the water level about 18 inches higher than normal and lapping the top of the wooden jetty.  It was still cold but inside Skylark it was plus 2 degrees so no problems on that front. The river looked really lovely in the early morning sun.

The actual water level was about 5 inches from the top of the pontoon and, as expected, the bow was bobbing just above the woodwork.

I adjusted the ropes, had a cup of coffee and considered everything was safe. While the melting snow had pretty much all gone, there was still quite a fast flow of water going down the river and I couldn't tell when the water levels would go down. If it rains over the next few days, as they predict, the current levels and flows may be with us for a few days. The ropes should be OK under these conditions.

Nearby, NB Queenie was high in the water, like Skylark, but will probably go back into her normal position when the water recedes. I'm not sure if the long stern fender will get caught up though...

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