Monday, 7 May 2012

Things are getting sorted

On Wednesday, Mick and Gena arrived at about 11.00am to sort out the water pump and various other minor problems. The pump was taken back to the Chandlers in Ely and turned out to be OK, just an odd connection system that we had not been able to fathom out. Mick then started to work through all the other bits and pieces. We broke for lunch and went around to Peacocks, the local cafĂ©, for a sandwich and cream tea. And very nice it was too – highly recommended. In the afternoon, after they had left, we went to Tesco at the other end of the town, near the railway station. We had a nice cup of tea with Pete and Vivian on the way, the current owners of nb Midnight (the boat we had seen originally at Ely exactly one year ago). I was particularly interested to chat about their 12v tv and their recommended fuel for their stove (Wild Fire). It was also good to have a surreptitious look around Midnight. During our chat we learnt that Pete had worked in Needham Market a few years back – it’s a small world once you get chatting. Our walk up to Tescos also meant we passed nb No Problem. We said hello to (sorry, I didn’t get your name) and had a chat about the conditions in the Nene – one week too little water, next week too much; both resulting in minimal movements.

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