Monday, 7 May 2012

A quiet Friday, then Saturday Eel Festival

Today, the forecast is for more rain but, as I am a natural optimist, I believe they must have it wrong. I know it will be dull and it will rain somewhere but not here. As the day progressed, my optimistic view on the weather proved good and there was no rain to speak of and occasionally the sun even broke through the clouds. Mick turned up at 1.20pm, disconnected the offending water pump and took it back to Ely Chandlers who changed it for another model. The new one worked fine so he then moved on to complete the remaining bits and pieces. He left about tea time and we settled down for a quiet night in. Saturday dawned bright and sunny – what a day for the Eel Festival! But as the morning wore on the clouds rolled in. It never rained and no one was put off but the chill wind. The Eel Festival was fun with a group of Norman Soldiers and Crusader Knights fighting it out in the ring interspersed with Cheer Leaders and Disco Dancers – these were different groups, I would not have wanted to see the soldiers dressed in short skirts and sequins. We bumped into Pete and Vivienne again, and they introduced us to Beverly and Peter who had bought nb Little Owl, now moored at Bedford. Later in the day, we invited them over to ‘inspect’ Skylark. Mick joined us later and fixed another external lock to the front door to enable us to leave by either door – much easier than just leaving by the stern hatch. By 5.00pm the Festival wound up, people dispersed and we made ready to cast of. We took on water and used the free pump out at Riverside and headed back south to popes Corners and on to the Cam to Upware and the infamous pub Five Miles from Anywhere, No Hurry Inn (previously the Lord Nelson). A few moorings are available to customers and we took the last one.

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