Sunday, 20 May 2012

Media stuff

As if fitting a 240v/12v television and aerial is not bad enough, I have been wrestling with the intricasies of finding the Internet on board.

My son Matthew, who is currently lounging on the side of a hotel pool is Las Vegas (and diligently reading my blog - well done Matt) has asked if I have got anywhere with my faltering steps into the world of Fenland Internet media stuff. You see, when I finally got on board Skylark, I found, like so many other boaters, that the old laptop (circa 1896) doesn't work inside, what I have been told, is a Faraday Cage - in other words, a metal box - so, rather than sitting on top of the boat every time I want to use the Internet, I asked him what the solution might be. He then kindly went on to explain in words of one syllable but I still found it all rather difficult to understand. To illustrate further, he then went on the website of a famous supplier of computer thingys (and I thought Maplins was a holiday camp) and found a wireless mini USB adaptor that I could just plug in and get up to 5 times more wireless waves than I had before.

Now, as you may have already gathered, I am not overly endowed with computer knowledge or understanding but by my calculation, if I started off with no signal waves, having 5 times more will still leave me with no signal waves - or am I missing something? Don't answer that!

So, Matthew, when you have finally finished swanning off to foreign parts, please explain to me again what I have do - a demonstartion would probably help!!!!

Now, I must go have a lie down.

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