Saturday, 19 May 2012

Another cruise on the Ouse

Following a few days of walking in Breconshire in Wales with a few like-minded people (what fun), Kay and I went over to Stretham to pick up the boat and trundle up to Ely. We were there for about a week, chilling out and doing a few things to Skylark. We did a bit of painting (not more!!), fixed on a few things like another mirror, a clock, a bright brass barometer (thanks to Sue and Chris), and a tv aerial. It was quite a busy time really for a chilled out week.
As the weather was a lot better than the last week in Ely, I took a few photos of the River Great Ouse and Ely itself – all looking quite nice in the sun. There’s still lots of water about but the levels are being maintained by the EA.
18 May 2012 008  18 May 2012 013  18 May 2012 017
This southern route into Ely is beautiful. I think we passed one boat in seven miles so this is not for people looking to practice their boat avoidance skills. The Cathedral can first be seen from Popes Corner and gradually takes shape above the Fens. As you get nearer and the vast roof gets even bigger, more urban buildings start to spoil the scene, especially the industrial buildings on the southern edge of the city. I think the Cathedral looks even better from the north as it isn’t spoilt by other buildings and can be seen creeping up the hill in ever increasing towers, spires and their abutments. More photos will follow when we take a trip up north. For now though, a few more shots of Ely’s waterfront.
18 May 2012 018  18 May 2012 019  18 May 2012 027
It was quiet this week, probably because the boats that had been penned in by the recent floods had moved on. As part of our chilling out, we bought a fairly small cupboard with a drawer to add to the kitchen. Mick and Gena popped in one evening and we joined them in the nearby Cutter Inn for a pint.
We left yesterday and returned home. Next trip planned for next week.
By the way, this is what happens if you don’t pay your mooring fees in the Fens…BFN
18 May 2012 009

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