Sunday, 8 April 2012

Reasons to be cheerful

Our early visit this morning involved quite a long meeting to go over many of the things we have already discussed plus a load of new things including the hatch windows, internal steps and importantly, the painting of the coach lines and name. More about that in a moment. The latest news on the launch date is disappointing but not surprising – it has to be delayed by 2 weeks to tie in with the transporter. To be honest, this will not be a problem, in fact it will give Mick plenty of time to finish everything and there is a lot still to be done. He showed us the new ropes, life buoy, fenders and the like together with their latest thoughts on the porthole surrounds. The ash surrounds turned out to be too bulky and difficult to fix so they have suggested brass ones. When we saw them for the first time, it was an obvious choice.
Outside 8 April 2012 020
Now, turning to the coach lines and sign writing, we need to make some firm decisions. The boat is basically dark green with a red oxide roof. Our original idea was to have a large yellow coach line at the front of the boat and a small one at the stern to take the name. Looking at the boat now, we are not so sure mainly because the boat may only need the brass portholes to look good (simplicity and quality). The next photos show this…
Outside 8 April 2012 013  Outside 8 April 2012 015 Outside 8 April 2012 009
So, we are now thinking about just having the name painted on the bow. Mick will be speaking to the sign writer (known as Maggot!) during the week to get his views too.
The Safety Inspector calls on Wednesday so we’re hoping that will go well. Insurance is in place but not paid for yet – now that I have a date for the launch, I will confirm that with the company. I also need to let the marina know that the delivery date is delayed but I know that will  not be a problem.
Outside 8 April 2012 022 Outside 8 April 2012 024 Outside 8 April 2012 018
So, there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful. In fact I’m quite chuffed! Next visit in about 4/5 days.
By the way, this is my first attempt at using Windows Live Writer instead of going directly through the Blogger site. Apparently it’s better, got more functionality and stuff. I’ll hit the publish button and see what happens! If it works, I might even add some more graphics.

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