Monday, 2 April 2012


Today, while Kay and I did a bit of touching up on the painting front, Mick started installing the portoles. We have gone for ten in all, including the two small ones in the engine room. 

Since we were last at the boat, Mick has continued the electrical fitting, given the exterior another coat of paint (hopefully the last) and has made strides to fit the scotia. He is still confident of completion on or near 15 April and I have no reason the doubt him other than wondering how on earth he will do it! I will keep my fingers crossed.

The latest update: When the boat arrived from Graham Reeves, a porthole had been put in the wrong place and was subsequently blocked up. We have been thinking about if this porthole is needed, and if so, where it should go. Our decision has been to install it in the dining area on the stbd side. Mick has cut the hole in the hull and started fitting the brass porthole surround while we were there.

I'm sure you will know what a porthole looks like, but I can't resist including a photo!

The next photos show the current stage we're at inside Skylark. The walls are finished, the door/hatch linings are painted (propped up) and, apart from a general 'work in progress' look to it all, I am sure we are nearly there. It all looks good to me. Over to you Mick.

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