Sunday, 22 April 2012

Launch date confirmed

Kay and I spent a very pleasant few hours chatting to Mick and Gena at the boat and in Ely over lunch. The Peacock Tea Rooms are well work another visit.
It is now official – the launch date is Saturday, 28 April. The transport is laid on and everything is on track. Barry Tucky is booked to pick up Skylark and put her in the water at Popes Corner Marina. We’ll then take her up to Lazy Otter along the River Ouse.
There’s still a few things to complete in the boat but there should be more than enough time during the next week. If there is anything left over, Mick will come back to the Marina to complete it.
Back at home, Kay and I are completing the ever growing ‘stuff to take’ pile – eg kitchen and bathroom clobber, chairs, stools, shelves, mirror, clock, radio, soft bedding, dry and tinned foods, cleaning and maintenance kit, etc, etc. I’m sure there will be loads of stuff we have forgotten so this will be added to as we get settled in.
As for the latest photos, there is not much to see but here’s a few.
22 April 2012 003 22 April 2012 004 22 April 2012 005
22 April 2012 007 22 April 2012 008 22 April 2012 001
The insurance is arranged and the safety inspection went through without a problem so I will now apply for the Environment Agency Registration. We just need a few days of dry weather to get all the practical things finished.
It seems a bit odd - we have been planning this since the middle of last year and at times, it has seemed like we would never get here but, with just a few days before the launch, we are now getting ourselves prepared for the final push. A feeling of excitement and trepidation at the same time!

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