Friday, 23 November 2012

What a perfect day

Catching a clear break in the almost continual wet weather, I spent a few hours on the boat. I had thought to fix a Victorian brass door handle to the rear hatch but it didn't feel right. Not only would it create an unwelcome head-banging hazard but I thought the hatch may be too heavy for it. A word with Mick is called for, to see if the runners can be loosened up a bit. I'll then reconsider if a bit of brass will add anything.

Anyway, I found the boat unaffected by the recent high winds and wet weather apart from a small problem with the jetty. It looked like the river levels had risen by about 6" and the stern fender had got slightly wedged under the top rail of the jetty. Not a big problem. Solved by running the boat forward out of the mooring. Anyway, it's something I must be careful about in future.

I headed off at 9.30am and the river looked fantastic in the pale autumn sun. It was so calm and tranquil, it reminded me of the odd occasions when I have been the first person to dive into a swimming pool...

I had a look around the town for an hour or so and decided to go home while it was still light. By the way, I mentioned the 'S' sign on the side of The Miller's House in my last post. I have Googled it and couldn't find any explanation for it. In fact another person had also photographed it and asked for an explanation. All the responses so far are at the humorous end of the scale; nothing serious, so if you know what it means, please let me know.

I headed home at 3.00pm into the setting sun. I would not normally attempt a photograph directly into the sun but I thought, what harm could it do?

The weather forecasters are predicting more rain and high winds creeping over the country to us tomorrow. Batten down the hatches!

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