Tuesday, 9 July 2013

New Blog

As you may have realised, I have had a few problems uploading my photos. While I know my ramblings must be of great interest to all my avid readers (ha ha), it's the photos that bring it to life for me.

So, I have created a new Blog called Narrowboat SKYLARK 2 (imaginative or what?). I hope this will solve the problem.

I will stop posting on this Blog now and go over to the new one. I hope you continue to read it.

While on the subject of readers, I know it can be a faff to open up my Blog but I am pleased to know I have friends and relatives who take the time to read it and I know I even have some readers who live in some far off parts of the world like Norfolk. Please stay with me.

It also gives me great pleasure to meet some of my more local readers from the Fenland waterways. Please continue to shout and wave at me from your boat. It really is great to know you can spare a few minutes to read my Blog.

So that's it. New Blog here I come...

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