Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ely Aquafest

To take advantage of the fine weather and the predicted entertainment at the Ely Aquafest, Lady Saga and I went down to Ely at the weekend.

As luck would have it, we found a fine mooring right on the waterfront where much of the event took place - a real ringside seat.

With sun umbrella out and trousers rolled up, we took in the stalls, the music, the food and drink and, best of all, the raft races. I'm not sure who won but that didn't seem to matter too much. There was a great deal of water being splashed about and lots of happy faces - even Madam Mayor entered into the spirit of the events under her official umbrella.

Thomas the Sank Engine got my vote for being one of the first rafts out of the traps but one of the last ones to return.

(imagine an IMAGE here)

It was a great event and one that I would recommend for anyone.

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