Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Narrowboat security

I have been reading about what other boaters are doing to increase their security, especially as theft from boats is a problem in some areas.

Having spent a few years involved with security, and health and safety, amongst other things, I was particularly keen to introduce security measures in the design of Skylark. It was partly for this reason I chose portholes and solid steel doors.

I am also very aware of the need to berth in a safe marina, find safe mooring areas, never leave valuables or keys on  board, security mark everything, etc, etc. Btw, I won't mention all the other on-board security measures I've devised as I will leave Bill Burglar or the opportunistic tealeaf to find them out for themselves!

However, I will just mention the doors. While they are extremely strong and have adequate hinges, bolts and internal locks, I have always been a little concerned about the external locks. They are the sort more suited to garages or garden sheds. Because of this, I have invested in a couple of shackleless high security steel locks, the sort used on commercial van doors and trucks. They are not the most attractive locks in the world but they are super strong - probably stronger than the door themselves, being made of 5mm s/steel.

I will continue to use the existing locks for short trips to the shops or the pub but for longer periods away, especially when I may be away for a few hours or days, the new locks will come into operation. It's all about managing the risk without going over the top.
Anyway, who said they are not the most attractive locks in the world? At least, you have to agree they are a bit 'meatier' than the existing ones!! And they send out a very strong message...


Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,I am interested in fitting these locks myself,Where did you buy them please ?
Regards Steve

Richard said...

Hi Steve, I found lots of these type of locks on the internet and I'm sure you could find them in locksmith's shops for around £30but I actually came across this one at a car boot sale. I gave £12 for it so was very pleased. It needed a good drill and an angle grinder to fit so bear this in mind. btw, I have recently painted the back-plates green to match the doors - it helps reduce its shiny impact a bit. I would not want anyone to think I'm keeping any valuable stuff in the boat! I hope that helps. Richard