Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Cleaning up the Ouse

I noticed the Ouse has been tidied up a bit. Apart from the recent news of some over-stayers being prosecuted, a couple old abandoned boats have been also been removed.

The first was a large cruiser on the Little Thetford 24hr mooring. From its condition (half submerged), I presumed it had been there for years. Anyway, while EA's contractors were recently improving the bankside piling, they broke it up and removed it using their on-board digger. Well done chaps..

The other boat was a small narrowboat that had been left near Popes Corner. While I was in Ely last weekend, I saw it moored opposite the Bridge Boat Yard. In the morning it chugged off down the river, presumably to another long-term mooring. With a few quid spent on paint and some work to get the trim sorted out, she could be a little head-turner.

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