Sunday, 21 October 2012

Too damp to paint

I had hoped that I could start touching up a few bare patches but the weather decided not to play ball. The forecast was OKish but the actual weather turned out too damp - early morning mist followed by midday overcast and afternoon dankness before the dimness of evening rolled in.

Oh well, it's not as though it's urgent - just a few blemishes and/or scratches where the odd jetty or pontoon took a liking for my paintwork. It will just have to wait.

At least we had a day away to savour the delights of the Ely Apple Day celebrations on the green near the cathedral - and very nice it was too. We particularly liked the Norwich Story Teller who told us about the biggest onion in the world and Jack, the unluckiest boy in the world - very entertaining for kids and parents alike.

No photos - apart from another interesting sunset over the fens...

The next morning, for a change Kay got up first to put the kettle on. While she was doing this, she opened the side hatch to watch 'Tales of the Riverbank' for real. To her surprise she caught sight of what appeared to be an orange bird paddling quiet fast on the opposite side of the river. Just as she was about to call me to have a look, the 'bird' took off and flew, without wings, towards a small boat. It took her a few double takes to realise the 'orange bird' was in fact an angler's float. If she had called me at that moment, I'm sure I would have eventually seen the funny side.


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