Thursday, 11 October 2012

Burwell Lode

After our visit to Wicken Lode we returned to Upware and negotiated the very sharp left turn towards Burwell Fen.

Burwell Lode is wider and deeper than Wicken Lode and, on the whole, much straighter. The Fen itself is broad with long views to the low hills beyond and you can get glimpses of the landscape towards both Newmarket and Cambridge.

This was quite an interesting lift bridge, which I understand is usually in the 'up' position...

At the head of the Lode, we came to the fairly large village of Burwell with a good range of food shops, a couple of pubs, and various take-aways. We arrived at about 5.00pm and found a couple of anglers using the single EA mooring. One of them was willing to move over a bit; the other was not very happy with our arrival and he packed up and left with just a barely audible grumble.

We stayed overnight and listened to the next days weather forecast. It was not good; incoming rain by mid morning. So, we left at 8am on Thursday and headed back to Lazy Otter, which we did in 2.5hrs. It was interesting that the 1700rpm that I needed in the Lodes to maintain a slow walking speed, gave me 4 - 5 mph on the main rivers.

We got home at about mid-day and a light rain started by mid afternoon.
My conclusion: A good day/night out in a couple of very quiet backwaters. Reach Lode will wait until the weather improves again.

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