Thursday, 26 July 2012

James the Second Grandson

Kay and I are baby sitting young James for a couple days so we are staying close to home.

During his sleeping periods, which are frequent and fairly long (a family trait I'm told), I have been experimenting with an old pressure gauge - let me explain. I picked up a 1960's brass pressure gauge for next to nothing and, at the same time, bought a quartz clock movement and a set of hands. The gauge looked a bit like this one. The face is the one behind it...

I downloaded a nice clockface off the internet, printed it at the right scale, put the whole thing back together and bingo, we now have a really great looking brass wallclock for the boat (to match the barometer).

I might have a go at doing a few more. You never know, it might turn into a cottage industry. Orders are now being taken!

Now, I must listen for James, he might wake up in the next hour or two.

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