Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Kay and I trundled over to Crick yesterday and it turned out to be a day well spent. Three hours there and three hours back in a beaten up Land Rover takes some dedication but we did it.

It was our first visit to Crick and we were both impressed. Dozens (or was it hundreds) of traders and organisations promoting thier goods and services, old and new boats to look at, entertainers sung to us, food and drink sellers tempted us, and what's more, the weather was good.

We chatted to some very helpful people selling pump out toilets and marine fridges, volunteers manning lottery funded boats, and traders who had that exact thing we had been looking for. The men and women from the Bedford > Milton Keynes Trust were actively promoting their cause. I hope this new waterway will be opened while I am still alive and active!

We were also interested to see a guy who had built a shepherds van; a 4 wheel corrigated tin cart lined in tounge and groove. A small stove heated the place and, with a chair and a bed , would become a very nice cosy place to holiday. Intertestingly, the internal build materials and colours match Skylark remarkably closely.

All in all, a good day out (albeit a long one).

We're now looking forward to Braunston in a couple or three weeks.

I spent today, in Skylark, tying new shiny black ropes to our fenders, fitting some new shiny brass vents to the bed base, and refitting the shower room door which needed a bit of redesigning.

I finished at 2.00pm and headed home. En route, I felt the need for a power nap (you know, the sort of thing that Richard Branson has when he's flying between continents) so I pulled the LR in to a layby on the A14 just outside Bury St Edmunds and woke up 2 hours later. That ride over to Crick yesterday must have been more tiring than I thought!

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