Thursday, 20 June 2013

March to Whittlesey Wednesday 12 June 2013

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The weather forecast today was for cloud and wind so the plan was to move the few miles to Whittlesey which, in the Imray Guide, sounded like a good place to stay if the weather deteriorated as expected.

On our way to Whittlesey, we sailed past a marker informing us we’d crossed the Greenwich Meridian. I’ve crossed it many times in my life at various places but never have I seen a marker post. Perhaps this is the only one.

When we reached the town, and as we approached the one and only lock chamber we came across Paul in NB Moon. He confirmed that we needed a special key and lock windlass to operate the locks. Neither he or we had one so I moored up and we started to consider our options.  On  cue, a Commission’s van turned up and the very helpful guys sold us  a key and windlass. As Paul was going on to the Grand Union, we let him go first. When we finally got through the attractive lock, we moored at the nearby Leisure Centre moorings (2 spaces for no more than 36 hrs).
The leisure centre and it’s earlier swimming pool must have pleased the Council when they were first built but they look like they may have been designed by a 5 year old using his favourite set of felt tip pens. It amazes me that anyone could have thought they looked good when they were built or would stand the test of time. Come on Fenland DC, you can do better than that!
Whittlesey was also disappointing. It has a nice market Square but the rest of it is poor. However, rather than moving on, we phoned ahead to Tina, the Stanground Lock Keeper in Peterborough, to give her the required 24hr notice, and we rested during the afternoon. It’s hard work, this boating lark!

The evening was windy and dull with occasional showers. Tomorrow, we plan to move the 6 miles or so to Peterborough and get to Stanground by 12.00pm. The weather is predicted to get more windy – up to 50mph gusts - and wet!

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