Monday, 25 March 2013

The freeze continues

With more sub-zero temperatures predicted, I decided to spend another couple of nights on board. I got to the boat on Saturday morning and the internal temperature was teetering around zero. Time to fire up the engine, light the stove and put on a brew! Within 30 minutes the cabin was toasty-warm.

There's not much to do on board at the moment, apart from eating and drinking, keeping things clean and tidy, reading, practicing guitar and watching a few more repeats on TV. During more favourable weather I would go ffor a spin but as the weather is not good for pleasuable cruising, I pootled off to Ely by Landy.

Everywhere was looking and feeling a bit bleak - cue some Dickensian-looking photos...

On both days I took a few walks along the river in the hope of seeing a Kingfisher or Barn Owl but there was not much happening anywhere really, probably because of the cold. I really should get myself another dog.

This morning, while the internal temperature was still in the mid teens, outside it was bitterly cold. If this is spring, then you can keep it - roll on summer! 

Looking to the next few days, I think there may be a little more snow on the way and some cold nights but there is a warm front on its way - apparently. This will probably result in some rain and a melting of the remaining snow but the forecast still looks a bit wintery to me.
The water level in the river is fine at the moment and I don't think it should change much in the next week. I did, however, leave a little slack in my mooring ropes and an additional spring from the bank just in case someone decides to raise or lower the sluice at Denver without telling me!
Now some good news, Darren from East Cams District Council has done what he said he would do - the two laybys on the A14 have been cleared of all the rubbish. I actually saw one of the contractors with litter picker and bin bag in hand on Saturday, and this morning, I passed by again to see both laybys clear of litter. When I got home I emailed Darren to thank him. I hope they will be able to keep on top it from now on.

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